how many nodal planes are there in dz2 orbital ??? ( most of the authors wrote 2 , bt sme renowned experts wrote ZERO ) so m confused between zero n two ???

Nodal plane is the region where probability of finding the electron is zero.

According to correct concept and various observations :

The dz2 orbital has two main region of electron density along the z-axis and some of the electron density is also present in X-Y plane. Thus its has two cone shaped nodal plane as you can see in above diagram thus also called Nodal Cones. 

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Actually there is Nodal Plane present in dz2orbital but instead it has Nodal Cones present.

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thanks for ur precious answer, but can u pls tell me what is this NODAL CONE !!!

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http:// www. dartmouth. edu/~ genchem/ 0102 /spring/ 6winn/ H3D.htmlgo to this link and see what I men the grey region surrounding the dz2orbital is the nodal cone

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