How many germ pores are present in the pollen grain of monocots and dicots?

Germ pores refers to the pores present in the outer wall of the pollen grain which gives rise to the pollen tube which in turns carries the male gamete to the ovary. In monocot1 germ pore is present while a dicot is distinguished by the presence of 3 germ pores in its outer wall of the pollen grain.

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Monocots: The difference between monocots and dicots can also be marked on the basis of number of pores/furrows present in a single pollen. Monocots are those plants which possess a single pore in every pollen grain.

Dicots: In dicotyledonous plants, there are 3 pores present in a single pollen grain.
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 there are 3 germ pores in dicot and 1 in monocot

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