how is health a source of human capital formation

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Health is the main source of human capital formation. The efforts of a healthy workforce can increase the wealth of the country. It is a saying that "Health is wealth" and it really works in human capital formation of the country. A healthy person can be more productive than an unhealthy person and therefore can contribute more to the GDP than an unhealthy person. The investment in health sector can increase efficiency, efficacy and productivity of the nation's workforce. A sound health sector helps in creating a healthy and much efficient human capital. It not only increases the life expectancy but also improves the quality and standard of living of the workforce. Some of the common expenditures in health sector are providing better medical facilities, easy availability of life saving drugs, common vaccination, spread of medical knowledge, provision of better sanitation and clean drinking water etc. All these expenditures is important in building a better human capital which can work towards the economy in a positive manner and providing a better and healthy workforce to the economy.    


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As if we are healthy we are capable of doing work for earning livelihood.
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if your health will be not well then u cant do any work and also u cant earn your livelihood thats why health is a source of human capital formation
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