How does the author focus on the 'perpetual state of poverty' of the children not wearing not wearing footwear?

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The poet focuses on the 'perpetual state of poverty' of the children not wearing footwear by making a point that these children did not even have the access to basic needs and were thus, forced to live a life full of miseries and at times they were oblivious of their own state. The excuses given by one of the ragpickers to explain a perpetual state of poverty were the economic inequalities in Indian society which condemns thousands of people to a life of abject poverty, a vicious cycle from which they cannot extricate themselves. Not only are these people born into their penurious state but forced to continue in that state because of the opportunities denied to them. They have been engaged in this trade for generations, working under inhuman conditions with no access to even the basic amenities of life. They are socially stigmatised for their poverty and further exploited by the middlemen. the policemen and the politicians who want to ensure that they are denied a future. They have been rendered incapable of even dreaming for a better future.


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Sorry, my mistake in typing - 'not wearing' is two times written, it should be only 1 time.
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