How does human capital formation raise social justice?

Human capital formation of a country is result of the aggregate contribution made by the investment in the education and health sector of the country. With the higher level of investment in the education and health sector, the greater proportion of the country's population becomes literate and healthy, thus, the overall productivity of the country increases. Besides this, quality human capital formation equips the population with higher technical skills and makes them more efficient. This in turn, increases the participation rate in the process of economic growth and development. Hence, in this way, the overall income increases and higher is the degree of social and economic equality within the country. Secondly, with the enhancement in the quality of human capital, there triggers the improvement in the thinking pattern of the people of a country. As we know that education imparts a modern and holistic outlook to the human thinking, so this change in the social outlook further facilitates the growth prospects of the country as a whole. 

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