How do we tell dates in History?

There are written records of some historic events. When studying ancient history, we have to rely on other methods. If you are answering this for a history class, it should be in your text. You can use your index. It's usually in the very beginning of the text books. 

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according to me ,we tell dates using BC and AD.Before christ and Anna Domini.if it is 304 days before the birth of christ,it means  BC.if it is  304 days after the birth of christ,it means  A D.

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The most common way is AD and BC. These words are added with numbers to indicate a particular year in history. BC stands for Before Christ means before Jesus Christ came and AD stands for Anno domini. Also, in many books- After Death is written as the full form of AD but this involves some debates on birth and death of Jesus Christ. So Anno Domini is considered mostly.
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