how do the floating ribs helps our body

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 Floating ribs are four atypical ribs (two lowermost pairs, XI-XII) in the human ribcage. They are called so because they are attached to the vertebrae only, and not to the sternum or cartilagecoming off of the sternum. Some people are missing one of the two pairs. Others have a third pair. Most, however, possess only two pairs.[citation needed]

Their position can be permanently altered by a form of body modification called tightlacing, which uses a corset to compress and move the ribs.


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The function of the floating ribs is not fully understood. A floating rib could theoretically provide some protection to the contents of theabdominal cavity, but it isn't as necessary as the ribs which are attached to the sternum. There “false ribs,” as they are known, may be vestigial leavings of an earlier stage in human evolution. Evidence suggests that people have also been able to train their floating ribs into new positions, as seen in women who wear corsets for a prolonged period of time.

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