how do forests help in maintaining ecological balance(please tell in short exams are going on and not finished ques/ans)

Forests maintain ecological balance in the following ways:

1. Forest provides habitat to different plants and animals. They help in cleaning the environment, maintains micro-climate and water cycle of an area.
2. They help to prevent soil erosion and decay of plants or its parts replenish the soil with nutrients. They maintain a proper balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the environment.
3. They also provide various raw materials such as timber, wood etc and provides food inhabitants and nearby peoples.
4. Forests have an important ecological function in fixing and storing carbon from the atmosphere

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They absorb carbondioxide and release oxygen. They provide the soil with thenecessary humus content. They prevent soil erosion by binding the soil with treeroots. They checmoisture content of the air through transpiration. They provide natural habitatk floods by holding rain water in subsoil. They increasefor wildlife

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