How did Scrooge treat his clerk before and after the ghost came. 
Please at least twelve lines

Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly, grumpy old man. He ill-treats Bob Cratchit, his accountant. Bob cannot even pay for the treatment of his son as his salary is so meagre. Inspite of this, Bob holds no grudge against his employer and includes him in his prayers. After he is visited by the three ghosts, Scrooge realises his folly and gives Bob a raise. Bob is able to pay for his son, Tiny Tim's treatment. From a cruel miser, Scrooge turns into a philanthropist who helps Bob's family. 

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Before the ghosts visited Scrooge, he used to behave badly with his clerk. He did not give him enough salary and coal(for warmth). But after visiting the ghosts he treated his clerk nicely and kindly. He raised his salary and gave him more coal.
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