How did andrew saved the child life

As Andrew watched the motionless limp form, he realized that it was a medical condition called asphyxia, pallida which the child was suffering from where it gets suffocated from a lack of oxygen. He instantly got to his feet and asked for hot and cold water plus basins. Snatching a blanket, he laid the pallid body of the child on it and began a special method of respiration, The basins arrived along with the ewer and big iron kettle. He frantically splashed cold water into one basin and into the other he mixed hot water. Then hurried the child between the two,alternately plunging it into ice water and the steaming bath. The clock ticked by but the child did not show any signs of coming back to life. Andrew laboured on, persisting upon one last effort whereby he rubbed the child with a rough towel, crushing and releasing the little chest with both his hands and trying to get breath into the limp body. Then miraculously, the baby's chest began to rise and fall and life coursed back into its body. the child was gasping now and its body was no longer lifeless.


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