how democracy restore in nepal.

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Democracy was restored in Nepal as a result of an extraordinary popular movement in April 2006. Nepal had won democracy in 1990. Although the king formally remained the head of the state, the real power was exercised by popularly elected representatives. King Birendra was killed in a mysterious massacre of the royal family in 2001. However, King Gyanendra, the new king of Nepal, was not prepared to accept democratic rule. He took advantage of the weakness and unpopularity of the democratically elected government. In February 2005, the king dismissed the then Prime Minister and dissolved the popularly elected Parliament.All the major political parties in the parliament formed a Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and called for a four day strike in Kathmandu, the country’s capital. This protest soon turned into an indefinite strike and various other organisations joined hands. People defied curfew and took to the street. People forced the King to concede into their demands of restoration of democracy.

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wen ppl of nepal along with spa and communist party rebelled or protested against the king then the king had to bow his head

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Friday, April 21, 2006 In an address to the nation, the king of Nepal, Gyanendra said that he was turning the nation pro-democratic.

"We are committed to multi-party democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Executive power of the kingdom of Nepal, which was in our safekeeping, shall from this day be returned to the people. We hope peace and order is restored to the country by protecting multi-party democracy. We ask the seven-party alliance to recommend the name for the post of prime minister at the earliest," said the king in his address to the nation today.

Girija Prasad Koirala, the former Prime Minister of Nepal and leader of the opposition alliance said he will meet and discuss the announcement made by the king, before responding.

Earlier, United States Ambassador James Moriarty, had said that "his [the king's] time is running out" and that "ultimately the king will have to leave if he doesn't compromise. And by 'ultimately' I mean sooner rather than later.

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