How can you show that an empty glass is really not empty but fill with air

when we dip an empty bottle in an inerted posistion into the buckets pf water the water does not enter the bottle these is why beacause the bottle is not empty at all it is comletely filled with air but when we tilt the bottle slidhtly the air comes in the form of bubbles and the bottle filled up with the emtety space that shows that air is filled everywere

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so if you do this experiment you will know that there is air in an empty glass. you will need a candle , a clear glass and a matchbox . the first step is to light the candle and stick it on a table . then place the glass on the candle . you will see that the candle will go off because there will be more of carbon dioxide than oxygen . if there is no glass placed on top of the candle the candle will be burning . as you know that air has more of carbon dioxide than oxygen . so you will understand that a empty glass is filled with air

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