how can you show that an empty glass is not really emptynbut filled with air?

To prove tat empty glass is not realy empty but filled with air.
  • ​Take a tumbler filled with water and a empty glass.
  • Now press the glass up side down in the tumbler
  • Tilt the glass gently in the tumbler
  • What do you observe?from where the bubbles comes from?
The glass was not empty it was filled by air.........

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To show that an empty glass is not really empty let's perform an activity -You will need -1. A plastic bottle .2 . A tub filled with water .Activity begins -1. Take the glass and push it upside down in the tub filled with water . You will observe that water does not enter the glass as air is dissolved in it .2 . Now tilt thethe glass slightly . This time you will observe that water enters the glass and some bubble sound or bubbles in water .This proved that the glass was not really empty .
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We Can know that by doing an activity with water.
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