how can we use the method of decantation in seperating the water and kerosene as the kerosene floats on water????????????????

Kerosene oil can be separated form water, by the process of distillation. This process involves the use of evaporation and condensation both. Now, water boils at 100oC, while Kerosene boils at 150oC. So, to separate the two form each other, we will have to place water and kerosene in a distillation flask(round bottom flask), and heat the mixture, till it starts boiling. Since, the boiling point of water is less than that of kerosene, it will boil first. The vapours of water, can be collected in another beaker, connected with a condenser, in which the water vapours condenses back to liquid water. The remaining liquid in the distillation flask, will be kerosene.

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