how can we make a kaleidoscope ?

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It is very easy to make a simple triangular kaleidoscope. Using three similar rectangular plane mirror pieces, we can make a kaleidoscope. Arrange the mirrors with their reflecting surfaces facing inward, with 60o. Now tape the triangular mirror prism firmly with packing tape. Insert the whole assembly into a PVC pipe, which is just big enough to accommodate the prism. Place a piece of transparent plastic sheet at one end of the PVC pipe and glue it. Cut a piece of thermocol to place at the other end of the PVC pipe. Make a hole at the center of the thermocol, big enough to put some beads.  Now put some coloured beads or bangle pieces into the kaleidoscope. See the beautiful pattern inside the kaleidoscope. Shake the kaleidoscope gently to change the pattern.


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take three mirrors place them in triangular shape ( the reflecting side should be inside ).stick them. and the ta cardboard stick in the bottom of the three mirrors.and last add some beed . and your beautiful kaleidoscope is ready.

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