How are abiotic and biotic components interdependent?

All biotic components are dependent on the abiotic components for their survival. Like plants need sunlight, water and carbon dioxide for carrying out photosynthesis that produce food which feed other organisms. All organisms need water to hydrate their body, oxygen to carry out respiration and for production of energy, nutrients from the soil and land for their habitat.
Abiotic components are dependent on living organism in a way that after death every organism provide valuable nutrients to the soil and energy to the environment, they secrete carbon dioxide and oxygen that mantain the balance of gases in the air.

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an example is

a plant {biotic component} needs abiotic components like the heat of the sun,water,air,soil etc to live

We people are also dependent on abiotic things for our needs

for water there should be enough trees.

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Not only are all plants, animals and human beings dependent on their environment, but they are also interdependent upon each other in several ways. For example, plants are eaten by animals as food. Through photosynthesis, plants produce oxygen, which is necessary for the survival of all living organisms. Forests are the natural habitats of wild animals, while the woods of trees are used by humans for various purposes like building houses, boats, furniture, etc.

On the other hand, animals help plants reproduce by helping in the pollination of se eds. Nitrogen is essential for the survival of plants, and they are provided with this nitrogen by the bacteria that live in the soil and in the roots of some plants. Photosynthesis, which is the way by which plants make their food, depends upon factors like sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is provided by humans and animals through respiration.

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yes they are .for eg. all living things or biotic components need water to live which is a abiotic component

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