1) Plants take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide during respiration all the time. all the time. why do we then say taht plants supply oxygen to the air?

2) A car 'eats' fuel, 'breathes' air, 'excretes' smoke and 'moves' from place to place. Why is it not considered to be living?

3) Are living things matter?

4) Why does the population of animals living in jungles not increase as quickly as the human population does?

5) Cells are made up of molecules. Why then do we say that the structural unit of a living things is a cell, and not a molecule?

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Answer 1)

Plants carry out two processes, photosynthesis and respiration. During respiration they take in oxygen while during photosynthesis they release oxygen in the air. Overall rate of photosynthesis is higher than respiration. So, oxygen is released into the air.

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