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Help me S. Fill in the blanks With the ion C (Grammar) appropriate tense form Of the verbs given in the brackets: i) The tiny sand-fly ————__(affect) and can also (cause) the deadly Kaia Azar, a parasitic disease. (be) now to be made part of text books in Bihar about the fly. The Bihar government (cause) death. from next year. ————(decide) to introduce a new ii) . A rain forest vine (be) dish shaped leaves which Wroduceh echoes (attract) bats for pollination. The leaves of this plant devei09 echoes that the bats kmakeh \ (discover ) its flowers at once. The discovery by a team of scientists from University of Bristol, UK. This echo the plant and the bats. the blanks with appropriate determiners: land of unmatched beauty. ) Kerela is rhi1Hren are well-mannered.

i) causes, affects, cause, is, to create, has decided

ii) has, produce. to attract, can discover, was made, has

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can it be understable
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1) will cause 2) will be affected 3) causes 4)would have been 5) which creates 6)have decided 7) will be 8) produces 9) which attracts 10) which discovers 11) will make 12) which has .
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