hello experts! THANKS a lot for solving all the boards papers of english and business studies so quickly!! tension reduced!! by the way .... will you also provide maths board paper solutions of 2014 in ONE or Two days!!!?? LOL just kidding ..... thanks a lot again for the solutions! :)

Wow and really great thanks from us to you Manpreet and Varsha. We are really honoured for such good words. BTW, how you both did your exams? Also, we have provided the solutions to the Board Paper of Business Studies of All India Set-2 also. You can check them by following the link provided below. Also, you can mail me the scanned copies of the remaining board papers say Economics and Accountancy dated 26 March and 01 April at amit.chatterjee@meritnation.com, so that we can provide you with the solutions.
Best of luck for the remaining papers and prepare well. If in case, you stuck somewhere, then please let us know. We will try our best to clarify your doubt withinn minimum possible time.

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ha ha ha......:D

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