Hello can pls someone give me one assignment of basic geometrical ideas for practice (exams ) first 3 will get helpful vote good luck for exams

Kindly refer the similar link for your query.

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Mark a ray, line, plane separation axiom, opposite rays, mid-point of segment, intersecting lines, point, line segment, parallel lines.
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Define a line, line segment and a ray.
Define intersecting lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines. Give examples.
How many types of angles are there?
What is a polygon? When it is considered to be one?
What do you mean by regular polygons?
How many ways you can classify a triangle? What are those?
What is 3\4\5\6\7\8\9\10-sided polygon called?
Define a square and a rectangle.
What is a circle?
Define diameter, radius, sector (minor and major), chord, arc ​(minor and major), segment (minor and major).
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Thank you more like a worksheet now expected from a expert
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