Greetings expert,
I have a doubt in Chapter 1 of maths that is Real no.s.
I have a doubt of when to take HCF and LCM. I have a school exam on Sunday so please tell.
I know it depends on the question. A long word problem is given and then we have to find either LCM or HCF, but what to find I don't get. Some questions are at times okay (not directly given but indirectly but it's easy so i understand) but some just say to find this for them and we have to find HCF or LCM, either one gives the answer and I don't know the difference
But is there anyway of understanding the difference between both the terms. I get confused that what to take at that time and I just take anything. Sometimes it is correct and at times wrong. Is there any term in the question that can help me. Please explain.
My question is please tell how to differentiate and find out.
Thank You for you help????.

Dear student
Let me tell you.
- In some questions are asked to find the largest number then we have to find LCM.
- And in some questions are asked to find the smallest number then we find HCF.

I hope this may help you and if you like my answer so please upvote it.

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