Government always endeavours to protect the interests of the consumers. That is why government has passed various legislations form time to time. Some years ago an Act was passed. It protects the consumers against defective goods, deficient services, unfair trade practices and consumers' exploitation. Similarly, measures have been taken to protect the consumers against the losses suffered by them due to such anti-social activities as profiteering, hoarding, black-marketing, etc. Not only that provisions have also been made to protect the consumers against the consumption of adulterated food products.

(i) In the above paragraph mention has been made of three acts related to the protection of consumers' interest, Quoting the lines, identify them.
(ii) Also identify two values dedicated to the society as mentioned in the paragraph.

Dear student,

i) The three acts are:
a) Consumer Protection Act, 1986- " It protects the consumers.............................exploitation."
b) The Essential Commodities Act, 1955- " measures to marketing, etc."
c) The prevention of food adulteration Act, 1954- "not only that ...................adulteration food products."

ii) The valued dedicated to society are:
a) Consumers are exploited in form of unfair trade practices, in order to protect their interest it is necessary they must be made aware about their rights.
b) To protect the interest of consumers, they must form consumer groups and organisation that must work towards the overall welfare and protection.


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