Given an odd shaped magnet , how will you find its poles?

First of all place the odd shaped magnet under a piece of paper. Now sprinkle some iron filings onto the paper. You will observe that the iron filings will line up along the magnetic lines of force of the magnet. That is a pattern of lines will be formed on the paper which will run from one pole to another pole of the magnet.  This pattern will vary according to the shape of the magnet. This will clearly show the magnetic poles of the odd shaped magnet.

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we will suspend the magney freely and it will align itself at a particular point the side which was facing towards geographical north and that side is the north pole of the magnet

but we know that same poles repels ,this because there is an imaginary magnet in the earth which has its north pole facing geographical south and its south pole faces geographical north.

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circulay magnet

we came to know by see itd down and up one

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