give two merits and demerits each of one party,bi-party and multi party system.

 one party, becomes like dictatorship

two party, very less choice

multi party, too much competition

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one party

merits: Lack of re[presentation. Nobody to counter-argue the decisions being made, and therefore no reason to validate the choices of the ruling party.

demerits: No time wasted on politics and campaigns. Time can be better spent running the bloody country.



  •  Legislature will form the government and the other remaining in minority will form the opposition. In other words, the bi-party system ensures a strong and stable government which can follow its programme to the extreme end.
  • . The opposition under the dual-party system is more responsible and dignified than that under the multiple-party system.


  • . The bi-party system splits the nation into two irreconcilable camps.
  • Under bi-party system the majority party in the legislature might have been elected with minority of votes an;' thus the minority may rule in the name of majority but under multiple party system, the government would normally represent majority of voters.


merits of multiparty

· Though decision-making is cumbersome, involves time and is calculative, the decisions made under this system are more effective, and are generally accepted by people .

· It's a more democratic form of system rather than the one party or two party system .

· It allows a number of voices and demands within the country to enjoy political representation .

Demerits of multiparty

  • With three or more parties, a party has a much more likely chance of being elected without holding the same beliefs of the majority of people.
  • For example: In a three party system, if 60% of a population favors "viewpoint A" and there are two candidates who support "viewpoint A" it is likely that each will receive about 30% of the vote, with the remaining party receiving 40%. Here viewpoint A has got 60%(30,30%) of the votes yet the winner will actually be opposed to the majority i.e one with 40% votes..
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hey u gave the merits and demerits for single party system in the opposite manner 

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sry abt dat

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