give two example of threshing , winowing , sieving , sedimentation , decantation , filtaration , expansion , contration and melting

1.Threshing is used in separating grains from stalks.

2.Winowing is used in separating husks from the grains.

3. Sieving is used in separating unwanted materials from grains, or from solutions.

4.Sedimentation => Separating water from water and soil solution, water and sand solutions etc.

5. Decantation => Removing clear liquid from sediments.

6.Filteration=> removing suspended impurities from water, charcoal etc.

7.Expansion=> Balloon expands on filling gas,  a solid expands on heating and converts into liquid.

8.Contraction=> A liquid like water contract on cooling to solid as ice.

9.Melting => An ice melts to water.

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