Give the rectification journal entries for the following transaction:

1. A builder's bill for Rs 50,000 for creation of small shed for car parking was debited to repairs a/c.

2. Purchase of goods from Vinod amounting to Rs 6,000 has been wrongly passed through sales book.

3. An amount of Rs 3,600 due from vrinda , which had been previously written off as bad debt , was unexpectedly recovered , and has been posted to personal account of vrinda.

4. A cheque of Rs 5,500 received from ridhi was dishonoured and had been posted to the debit of sales return a/c .

5. Goods withdrawn for personal use Rs 1,000 were not recorded in the books.

 Correct Entry                                                           Wrong Entry                                         Rectification errors

1. Builder's bill a/c....... Dr                                 Repairs a/c......Dr                                         Builder's bill a/c........Dr

      to cash a/c                                                        to Cash a/c                                                        to Repairs a/c

2. Purchases a/c..........Dr                                 Vinod's a/c............Dr                                        Purchases a/c............Dr

      to Vinod's a/c                                                         to sales a/c                                               sales a/c ................Dr

                                                                                                                                                                        to vinod's a/c

3. Cash a/c.......Dr                                                 Cash a/c ..............dr                                            Vrinda's a/c........Dr                            

         to Bad debts a/c                                                  to vrinda;s a/c                                                 to bad debts a/c

4.  Ridhi's a/c.............dr                                          Sales a/c............Dr                                                Ridhi's a/c ...........Dr                                          to bank a/c                                                                  to bank a/c                                                               to sales a/c

5. Drawings a/c.......Dr

      to Purchases a/c

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1-Building A/c Dr 50,000

To Repairs A/c 50,000

2-Purchase A/c Dr 6,000

Sales A/c Dr 6,000

To Vinod's A/c 12,000

3- Vrinda's A/c Dr 3,600

To Baddebts Recovered A/c 3,600

4-Ridhi's A/c Dr 5,500

To Sales Return A/c 5,500

5-Drawings A/c Dr 1,000

To Purchase A/c 1,000

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Give journal entries to rectify the following errors:

1.Goods purchased from Ram for Rs.3,000 were recored in sales book by mistake.

2. Goods for Rs4,000 sold to Anil were passed through purchase book.

3.A customer returned goods worth Rs.1,500.It was recorded in Purchase Return Book.

4. A credit sale of Rs.126 to Mohan was entered in the books as Rs 162

5. Sales of old Tables for Rs. 650 was treated as sales of goods.

6.Rent of proprietor's residence Rs. 1,000 debited to Rent A/c.

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A sale of Rs. 496 to ashraf was enterd in  the sales book as Rs. 694. Ashraf A/c was,
however debited, with Rs.964
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Ashraf s A/c dr. 964 to saleas a/c 694 to suspense a/c 270
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I think some answers of chaitra are wrong and all answers of chatanya are correct
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Use accounting equation to show the effect of the following
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This question for ch-4 (dissolution of a partnership firm)

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Remain points question no 13 ... Plzzzzz solve this question ... PlzZzzz

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Goods wroth ₹7000were returned to a supplier.
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Please find this answer

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answer to Vihaj questions-
i-Building A/C              Dr  50000
         To Repair A/C                      50000
ii-Purchases A/C           Dr  6000
    Sales A/C                  Dr  6000
         To Vinod A/C                       12000
iii- Vindra                      Dr  3600
         To Bad Debt Recovered A/C  3600
iv- Ridhi                       Dr  5500
         To S/R A/C                             5500
v- Drawings A/C         Dr   1000
         To Purchases A/C                   1000
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1 ) shed a/c dr. 50,000
To repairs 50,000
2) purchase a/c dr. 6,000
Sales a/c dr. 6,000
To suspense a/c 12,000
3) Vrinda a/c dr. 3,600
To bad debts 3,600
4) Ridhi a/c dr. 11,000
To CIH a/c 5,500
to sales return 5,500
5) drawing a/c dr. 1000
to purchase 1000
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A cheque for 500 received from Ashok was dishonoured and has been posted to the debit side of sales return account
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. A cheque of Rs 5,500 received from ridhi was dishonoured and had been posted to the debit of sales return a/c .
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My dear, you can find your answer from here (1) Building a/c Dr 50000 To Repairs a/c 50000, (2)Purchases a/c Dr 6000 Sales a/c Dr 6000 To vinod a/c 12000, (3) Vrinda a/c Dr 3600 To Baddebts recovered a/c 3600, (4)Ridhi a/c Dr 11000 To bank a/c 5500 To sales return a/c 5500, (5)Drawing a/c Dr 1000 To purchases a/c 1000
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1. Buildings A/c Dr. 5,000
To Repairs A/c 5,000
(Extension to building wrongly debited to Repairs A/c, now rectified)

2. Purchase A/c Dr. 600
Sales A/c Dr. 600
To Vinod 1,200
(Goods purchased, wrongly passed through sales book)

3 Vrinda Dr. 3,600
To B.D. rec A/c 3,600
(Bad Debts recovered wrongly credited to Personal A/c of Vrinda)

4. Ridhi Dr. 5,500
To Sales Ret. A/c 5,500
(Dishonour of cheque recieved from Ridhi wrongly debited to Sales Returns A/c)

5. Drawings A/c Dr. 1,000
To Purchase A/c 1,000
(Goods withdrawn for personal use not recorded)
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Please find this answer

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correct is 2,28,000
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Please find this answer

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Suspense account dr To repairs account
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2.sales a/c____Dr 6000
Purchase a/c__Dr 6000 To vinodA/c 12000
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