Give the main features of Grasslands.Name various grasslands along with their areas.

Grasslands are areas dominated by grasses. They occupy about 20% of the land on the earth surface. Grasslands occur in both in tropical and temperate regions where rainfall is not enough to support the growth of trees. Grasslands are found in areas having well-defined hot and dry, warm and rainy seasons.Grasslands make up almost a quarter of the total land surface. The types of plants that grow here greatly depend on what the climate and soil are like.
Grasslands cover areas where rainfall is usually low and/or the soil depth and quality is poor.
The low rainfall prevents the growth of numerous trees and shrubs but is sufficient to support the growth of grass cover during the monsoon.
Area.    -.         Grassland
North America.  Praries
Australia.             Downs
South America.    Pampas
India.                    Savannah

South Africa.         Velds

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