give the character sketch of khushwant singh's grandmother .
lesson - the portrait of a lady 

The author has described his grandmother very beautifully. He compared her to the winter landscape in the mountains and expanse of pure white serenity breathing peace and contentment. He used this simile to describe all whiteness associated with his grandmother. She always wore a spotless white dress. Her silver hair quite matched her white attire. She was very spiritual and religious. As a result, she exuded purity and serenity like a winter landscape. There were many appreciable qualities in Khushwant Singh's grandmother. She was pretty affectionate. She looked after the narrator in the village so caringly that he did not feel the absence of his parents when they went to the city to settle.  She was a strong woman who could adapt herself to any new challenging situation. Maybe she derived that strength from her devotion to God. She was so divinely dedicated to praying to God that she never left her rosary. Her feeding the village dogs and then the sparrows show her love for animals. She found a company in them. And sparrows reciprocated her love and care. They didn't chirp at all; nor did they eat a single crumb at her death. She was really a saintly woman.

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