Give some qualitative standards for customer satisfaction in Controlling when the materials are not reached to the people on time for example the the courier express.


If materials are not reached to the people on time, a company can fix qualitative standards in terms like:

i) When a customer places the order, he should be given an idea about the average time for delivery that a company will take.
ii) The company should make a standard differentiating in time of delivery- as in which products are to be delivered on an urgent basis and which goods can be delivered a little late.
iii) The company can set the target on the basis of nature of goods- i.e. shopping products, durable products.
iv) The company can also set targets for the courier companies in terms of the maximum time these companies can take for delivering of products.

If all these standards are fixed by a company in advance and customers are acquainted with that then they will not face any problem while receiving the delivery of the products.

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Hi, Vishva! :)

The qualitative standards will actually remain the same!

You just have to improve the morale of the employees

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