Q.1) Why Shah Jahan's reign is the Golden Era of Mughal Empire?
Q.2) Why Shah Jahan is called the great builder?

1. Shah Jahan's reign is the Golden Era of Mughal Empire because of the following reasons:

a. There was undisturbed peace within the country. There was no foreign threats and Shah Jahan worked mostly for maintenance of peace and security.

b. There was abundance of trade and commerce which bought wealth and revenue to the country.

c. Shah Jahan worked for the welfare of the pubic. He built roads, canals, bridges etc. He even provided relief to the people in times of famine and disaster.

c. He was a magnificent builder which could be seen in the buildings constructed during his reign. The Moti Masjid, t
he Musamman Burj ,the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort are classic examples of his love for magnificence.

 Shah Jahan is called the great builder because of his vigorous effort and keen interest taken in building magnificent buildings. His buildings were unique with exquisite designs, possessed grandeur and beauty, was a blend of Indian and foreign style, built in white marble, and were of great strength and had variety in it. Taj mahal, Moti Masjid, Red Fort, Jama Masjid were some examples of Shah Jahan's contribution to architecture.

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Ans1) Shah Jhan's empire is known as golden era because he is very firm ruler and he also contribute towards art and architecture. Ans2). Shah Jhan is know as great builder because he contributed towards art and architecture.
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