Give instances to prove that Klausner is a lover of nature and sympathises with nature's rules.

From The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl

Lover of Nature –
According the story, Klausner appeared as a nature lover. He was attracted to various sounds existing in nature. He believed that those high pitched inaudible sounds would make new exciting music in the universe. These inaudible sounds are when heard by men, then it would make them mad with excitement. So, he made a sound machine to capture all the inaudible sounds of plants, animals and insects.
While testing his machine in garden, his neighbour Mrs. Saunders cut the stem of the rose plant , meanwhile Klausner could hear “a throat less, inhuman shriek, sharp and short, very clear and cold”.
He felt that rose stem was in pain . He explained his experiment and his theory to Mrs. Saunders but she could not understand. Then he asked her that how did  she know that a rose bush doesn’t feel as much pain when someone cuts its stem in two. It’s alive, isn’t it? This shows his concern for nature. Further , while experimenting on a tree in park, Klausner hit the trunk of the tree with axe, he could not stop himself touching the edges of the gash. He started pressing them together to close the wound, he also felt sorry for the damage as if the tree were a real wounded person.
Later in the story, Klausner imagined about the sound generated by the wheat plants when the mower was cutting the field and five hundred wheat stems every second were screaming with pain. His heart filled with pain and sorrow for the pain of plants.
At last, when he hit the tree second time, the branch fell upon the sound machine and smashed  it into pieces. He was although disappointed for his experiment but at the same time he demanded Dr. Scott to “ stitch this up quickly” and “paint – the cut with iodine”. Klausner had attached his feelings with the painful shriek of the plants. He could sense the unheard pain of the nature when it was exploited and disturbed. 

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