Give example of the process deamination..

Deamination is a process through which amino groups are broken down and removed when excess intake of protein takes place.

If we intake excess amount of protein through our diet, our body cannot store them. In human body deamination occurs in liver. Liver breaks down the excess amino acids and releases ammonia which is poisonous for our body. So it is rapidly changed into a substance called urea which is less harmful.

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 Deamination is the removal of an amine group from a molecule. In human body deamination takes place primarily in liver however glutamate is also deaminated in the kidneys.

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 Deamination is the bodily process in which amino groups are removed from excess proteins. This happens most often in the liver, though it also occurs in the kidneys. Deamination allows the system to convert excess amino acids into usable resources such as hydrogen and carbon. The process also plays a vital role in removing nitrogen waste from the body. Amino groups discarded as a result of the process are converted into ammonia, which is later expelled from the body through urination.

Researchers believe that an overabundance of protein in the system can lead to several health issues. These include increased calcium excretion, heart disease, and even cancer. Excessive protein, if not offset by exercise, can also lead to unhealthy body weight. By removing the amino group, deamination converts excess protein into molecules the body can use for its other metabolic processes.

The chief site of deamination in the human body is the liver. Hydrolytic enzymes found in the organ separate the NH2 amino groups from proteins. The process leaves behind a carbon skeleton composed primarily of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. This skeleton can later be converted into usable glucose and lipids, indirectly making deamination one of the body's energy-producing mechanisms.

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