give an example each of nationalised bank, private bank,private foreign bank, fii and a mutual fund

  1. National Bank - Punjab national Bank,Indian Overseas bank , Bank od india, Bank of baroda .
  2. Private Bank - Axis bank , ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank
  3. Private Foreign bank - Hong kong and shanghai banking corporation , UBS ,Bank of America NA , Barclays Bank PLC
  4. FII - Alembic Chemical Works Co. Ltd. , Amar Investments Ltd., Calcutta ,Anglo- India Jute Mills Co. Ltd., Ashoka Viniyoga Ltd.M
  5. Mutual Fund - Axis Asset Management Company Ltd. , Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Ltd , BOI AXA Investment Managers Pvt Ltd , Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd

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4.FII-Amar Inv.


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  1. Bank of India
  2. Axis Bank
  3. Bank of American
  4. Axis asset management company limited
  5. Indian jute mills co. limited
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