Give a brief description of society during the medieval age.

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a.  Medieval India period begins from 8th century and is considered to be last till about 18th century, In this period  king was at the helm of affairs , who not elected by the people, it was based on the hereditary rule, the throne passed on to the family members
 had his group of trusted nobles , advising him on administrative matters.
The medieval period is famous for its rich culture and literature and brought about tremendous social and economic development..
d. This period  saw the massive expansion of agriculture to meet the growing needs of the people. As more and more land was required for cultivation, large number of forests were cut and cleared.
.Medieval period witness the rise of many groups and great empires, we may give example of the Sultanate period, the Mughal period who bought distinct culture, tradition , architectural designs with them. Over the period of time, society evolved, yet their distinctiveness became evident in Indian culture.
 We ,may also give example of how trade flourished during the mediaeval period, and that its nature changed,.
. Also how many new groups, jati,s sub jatis came into being and became part of the social structure and part of the old caste system
We may also give example of new religious cult , Rise of  Bhakti   and  sufi   traditions which rejected outward religiosity as practised  earlier  and emphasized love and complete devotion to God. 
A striking feature of the period was the development of regional languages, This was largely due to the patronage of the local rulers. Gradually, these language matured and literary works began to be composed in them.This period witnessed the growth of regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Pampa, Ponna and Ranna were three famous poets of Kannada
i. During this period a lot of  importance was given to education.This period was characterised by high level of literacy.Religious monasteries were set up to impart education and training.



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