gender division is not based on biology but on social division and your answer...(5 points ) urgent plzzz

a. Gender is a socially constructed term that sought to create artificial segregation in the society between men and women.

b. It gets reflected in the sexual division of work and in the society’s mind set.

c. Women have become victims of the patriarchal society which establishes men’s domination as natural and inevitable.

d. The traditional notion of private and public divide continues to define modern society where the latter to remain the realm of men, whereas women to look after the domestic affairs, the work which is most undervalued and regarded as unproductive.

e.The society's mind set is still rooted in stereotypes that holds prejudiced view against women.

f. Rape, female infanticide, incidents of domestic violence , denial of opportunities for women have become an integral part of Indian Society. 




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It is true that gender division is not based on' biology but on social expectations and stereotypes. Boys and girls are brought up to believe that the main responsibility of women is housework and bringing up children. Women do all work inside the horne such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes etc. and men do all the work outside the horne. It is not that men cannot do household work. They simply think that it is for women to attend to these things. When these jobs are paid for, men are ready to take up these works. Here it is worth-mentioning that most tailors or cook in hotels are men. Similarly, women can also work outside. In villages, they fetch water, collect fuel and work in the fields. In urban areas, poor women work as domestic helper in middle class homes, while middle class women work in offices. In fact, the majority of women do some sort of paid work in addition to domestic labour. But their work is not valued and does not get recognisition.

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