Gandhian philosophy is irrelevant in today's modern world. Prepare a debate for against the motion of this topic.

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  • It is true that Gandhiji's beliefs and principles are practical and relevant even in today's world.
  • With the increase of crimes, murders and other unethical behaviour, the solution to this is non-violence and the propagation of peace.
  • One cannot fight injustice and crime using the same means.
  • On the other hand, using ahimsa and peace towards fellow human beings helps to broaden our perspective and understanding about the people around us.
  • It also helps to create a beautiful and peaceful world, that is safe for the people.
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- Each and every principle of Gandhi still holds meaning and importance in today?s society and amongst the Indian people. Human beings are social animals and acceptance in the society and amongst their own group is of utmost importance. In today?s time as well people who lie are not accepted as well as respected in the society.?
- We often refrain from maintaining relations from violent people or distant ourselves from such kind of people. We like people who are calm by nature and would want to maintain relations with them.?
- Not every individual can afford clothes of rich raw material like silk or cotton. Plus today also we see a lot of democrats representing the country in khadi clothes representing one of Gandhi?s principle
- Be it for any auspicious occasion or to keep our body in fit position we often resort to fast as it helps cleaning our body.


- A lot of profession like marketing or business man are supported by lies. Business men can?t always say truth or a marketing person can?t always say the truth and sell his product. Often ads also reveal fake things about their products?
- Today, maximum numbers of people you find are selfish. They can hurt you to fulfil their aims and wishes, it could be physical or mental both. So till when can you bear physical violence and keep harming yourself. You will retaliate at some point of time.?


- Not each and every principle of Gandhi is valid today; some of them have become irrelevant while some of them are yet relevant and prevailing in the society.?
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