from d chapter  "the tsunami"  d last 2 que.s  inluding a diary entry  r missng . I need it urgently . 2 is mylast day submition . plz..........  b quick.


31 December, 2004


10 p.m.


Dear diary, 


The killer tsunami struck these islands five days ago. But the victims are being brought in even now. Each one has a story to tell. I, being a volunteer, got the chance to interact with quite a few of them. I met a manager of a cooperative society, who lost his wife and two of his children along with a few other relatives. I could see pain and despair in his eyes. I also met a 13-year-old girl, who was miraculously saved by a wave that brought her to the shore....... (to be completed on the basis of your own understanding of the chapter)




Q2. Such questions are meant to be done by the students based on their own experience. It is strongly recommended that you draft the answer on your own. However, directions are being given for your help.

- recall some story or lesson that your teacher might have taught you

- it could be anything, based on moral values or responsibilities

- you can write about how you have helped some elderly person or a person with disability

- you can also write of some incident when you might have helped someone who was injured, etc. 

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