Flower is a modified shoot.Justify this statement.

During the flowering season, the apical meristem gives rise to the floral meristem. The axis of the stem gets condensed, while the internodes lie near each other. Instead of leaves, various floral appendages arise from the node. so,   flower is a modified shoot.
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A flower is a modified condensed shoot specialized to carry out sexual reproduction in higher plants. Like a branch it arises in the axil of a small leaf-like structure called bract. the terminal parts of the axis of a flower, which supports all the floral appendages(i.e.,sepals, petals, stamens and carpals),is called receptacle. The receptacles consist of several crowded nodes which are separated by condensed internodes. The internodes of the branches that lies below the receptacle is called pedicel. A bract is usually situated at the base of pedicel. Sometimes small leaf-like structures are present in the middle of pedicel.They are called bractioles.
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Flower is a modified shoot. " justify that statement
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  1. The thalamus of a flower is the enlarged and condensed axis.
  2. It has nodes and very short internodes.
  3. It bears the floral whorls at the nodes.
  4. These whorls are arranged in a definite sequence.
  5. This sequence is calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium at the successive nodes.
  6. This evidence proves that flower is a modified shoot
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