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Democracy is the most popular form of government as it generates its own support in itself as an outcome that cannot be ignored. It allows people to participate in the process of electing their leaders, who will run the country. That means the democratic government elected is for the people, by the people. This right to choose gives people a sense of power. This system in itself is so good in form that this is preferred by most of the nations over other forms of rule like military rule or dictatorship. 
Example of features of democracy are- 
  1. Transparency- Citizens of the country have the right and the means to examine the process of decision making. This process is transparency.
  2. Political equality- Democracy ensures political equality which means that each voter has the same value irrespective his/her background in terms of gender, caste, profession, etc. 
  3. Accountability- According to this feature democracy produces a kind of government  that is accountable to its people and is also responsible for their needs and their expectations.

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