fill with simple past or past continuous tense of the words
a) he (read ) - a newspaper when i (see) - him
b) when he first (meet ) - her , she (work) - as a typist
c) while he ( dig ) - in the garden , he (find)-an old coin
d) she (live ) - with her parents when the war (break )-out
e) my sister (cook) - meals for our guests all the afternoon
f) what (do ) - you do at 8 o clock yesterday evening ? i (play )- table tennis .
g) the night watchman (sleep) - when i (pass) - by your house
h) while i(learn) - French , i often (make)- tense error
i) the teacher ( come ) - intothe library to see what we( do )-
j) i (spend ) - a lot of money on books yesterday

a) He was reading a newspaper when I saw him.
b) when he first met her, she was working as a typist.
c) While he was digging in the garden he found an old coin.
d) She was living with her parents when the war broke out.
e) My sister was cooking meals for the guests all afternoon.

You are requested to complete the rest of the sentences on your own, with help from the solutions given above.
Please get back to us for any further query/ feedback.

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