Fill the blanks with the ing or ed forms adjectives derived from the words in brackets.

1. This is a very _________ poem. (interest)

2. It is common these days to hear songs that are ____ versions of old hits. (modify)

3. There were hardly any _______ days during the whole of late week. (work)

4. Yuki Bhambri is a young and ____ tennis player. (promise)

5. My grandfather lead a _____ life. (discipline)

6. The _____ team bounced back and scored three goals. (lose)

7. Zohra loves to sit in her fathers _____ chair. (revolve)

8. The naughty pup managed to chew the _____ wires. (conceal)

1. interesting
2. modified
3. working
4. promising
5. disciplined
6. losing
7. revolving
8. concealed

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