Fill the blanks with correct form of verbs given in brackets.
4) Once I (a) ___________ (visit) a "nearby village where Baisakhi fair (b) _______ (be) in full swing. Thousands of people (c) ________(gather) there, Peasants (d) ______ (dance) and (e) _______(sing) folk songs. A few of them (f) _________ (play) on flutes.
5) Dear Madam
You (a) _________(agree) to come to my house to (b) _______ (attend) my birthday. I (c) __________ (wait) for you for an hour but you (d) _______(not come). I (e) ________ (request) my friend Anita to (f) ________(cut) the cake and send it to you. I thank you for the birthday gift


4. a. visited
b. was
c. gathered / had gathered
d. danced / were dancing
e. sang / singing
f. played / were playing

5. a. had agreed / agreed
b. attend
c. waited
d. did not come
e. requested
f. cut

6.a. were passing / passed
b. sat
c. fell
d. held
e. spoke
f. showed

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[4] [a] visited
     [b] was
    [c] gathered
   [d]  danced
 [f]  played
[5] [a] agreed
     [b] attend
    [c] waited
   [d] didn't come
  [e] requested
 [f] cut
[6] [a] passed
    [b] seated
   [c] fell
  [d] held
 [e] spoke
[f] showed
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