fill in the similie

fill in the similie A simile is a figure of speech which compares two unlike things using like or as. We Often use similes in dally conversations. They make our writing embellished and more beautiful. Authors a nd poets use similes to express their thoughts in the form Of pictures through simaes. Examples: a. Our soldiers Üeas brave as lions. c. Heisasfunnyasamonkey. out b. Hercheeks are red like a rose. d. He is fox. Fletethesimiles with adjectives given in the box: 1. As blind as (can't see very well at all) busy) 2. Asbusyasa lamb gold whistle daisy 3. Ascoldasa 4. Ascleanasa 5. Ascoolasa 6. As delicate asa 7. Aseasyas 8. Fit asa 9. Freeasa (unemotional) (very clean) (someone who stays calm) (fragile) (very simple) (very healthy) (free to go a nywhere) ABC fGh PM Pvt

Dear student,
1. bat
2. bee
3. tomb
4. whistle
5. cucumber
6. flower
7. ABC
8. fiddle
9. bird


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9 bird 4 whistle
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