1. Fill in the blanks with correct words of comparison.
a bee a bee’s sting a lion hell a feather nightingale
a lamb honey lightning a daisy a bat lead
  1. My partner answered the teacher’s question as quick as _______________.
  2. Lata Mangeshkar sings as sweetly as a __________________
  3. Paul is as gentle as __________________
  4. I am as busy as ________________ before the exams.
  5. His retort was as sharp as __________________
  6. Even after a long game of badminton, Mohan is as fresh as ________________
  7. During summer this place is as hot as ________________________
  8. The water of this stream is as sweet as ______________________
  9. This new metal makes the pen as light as _______________
  10. Without my spectacles I am as blind as ___________________
  11. My bag today is as heavy as ______________________
  12. I am not afraid of facing challenges. I am as brave as ____________________

1) lightning
2) nightingale
3) a lamb
4) a bee
5) a bee's sting
6) a daisy
7) hell
8) honey
9)a feather
10) a bat
11) lead
12) a lion

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