Figures of speech in 'The Rattrap'

Dear Student, 

Here are certain figures of speech used in the chapter.
  • Metaphor - The world has been compared to a rattrap. All humans have been compared to rats.
  • Simile - Eg: To go up to the manor house would be like throwing himself voluntarily into the lion’s den.
  • Symbolism - The rattrap symbolises life in general.

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This is a creativity based question which should be attempted on your own. You can refer to the following points while framing your answer:
  • Begin with a quote that is relevant to the above theme.
  • Talk about how Greed and Temptation are two emotions that almost always bring a person's ruin along with it.
  • Quote an incident from the story that validates this statement.
  • End by talking about how such emotions can be controlled- by valuing what is already given, charity etc.
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