F2 is stronger oxidizing agent than cl2

down the group reduction potential decreases. so oxidising power decreases.

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as you can find in electrochemical series F2 is placed above Cl2 and F2 has most +ve reduction potential.so F2 is better oxidising agent than Cl2.

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F2 is strong oxidising agent than Cl2 because

  1. Bond dissociation enthalpy of F2 is less than that of Cl2.
  2. Electron gain enthalpy of F is less than that of Cl2.
  3. F- has high hydration enthalpy than Cl- due to small size.
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F2 is strong oxidizing agent than Cl2 althoough electron gain enthalpy is low why/
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because F is more electronegative than Cl and it attracts the shared pair of electrons towards itself easily and strongly towards itself than Cl .
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also when we compare the reduction potential F has high positive value of reduction potential than that of Cl .That is why F is stronger oxidising agent than Cl
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