Expljain the concept of relative poverty with the help of the population below poverty line in some states of india.

Relative means "in comparison to".Relative poverty,thus,means poverty in comparison to people in the society. In other words, relative poverty reveals the number of people who are poor in comparison to other. For instance, a clerk is relatively poor than a Chartered Accountant. To be specific, relative poverty is concerned with the difference in the people's endowments.Some people may have advantage over others due to their better location ,climatic conditions etc.

Now, let's consider the below given data.


StateNo.of people below poverty line(in thousands)


From the data, we can infer that there are more no. of people in Bihar who are living below poverty line than as compared to that of UP. Thus, in this case, we can say that people in Bihar are relatively poor than people in UP.


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