explain with suitable examples the diffrrent types of phyllotaxy. give significance of phyllotaxy.

The mode of arrangement of leaves on the tem and branches is called Phyllotaxy..


Three types..

1) Alternate/spiral phyllotaxy : Only one leaf arises at each node.  Leaves are arranged with definite gaps around the stem and found in definite vertical rows. Each row of leaves is called Orthostichy.

Eg : Hibiscus, Ficus.


2) Opposite Phyllotaxy : 

Leaves are developed at each node lying oppostie to each other. It is of two types.

Opposite superposed : In this type the opposite leaves of all the nodes lie one above the other . Eg : Quisqualis

Opposite decussate : In this type, a pair of leaves at one node lie at right angle to the next pair of leaves at the next node . Eg : Calotropis.


3) Whorled or Circulatr Phyllotaxy : If more than two leaves arise at a node, it is called whorled phyllotaxy. Eg : Nerium..


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