explain with examples how inscriptions and coins serve as sources of history of medieval india?

Inscriptions and coins have served as  major sources of history in mediaeval India. It is through these inscriptions and coins we could collect some information about various activities and events of the past.Inscriptions help us to know the language prevalent at different places at different time.It is through the study of inscriptions that we came to know about the various political, administrative and religious activities of the past. For example, The pillars of Samudragupta, the edicts of Ashoka etc are examples of inscriptions that throws light on the administration of that time.Some inscriptions discovered the languages used during that period such as Pali, Brahmi, Sanskrit etc.

Coins also help us to know about the economic conditions prevalent at that time.Coins also contained he information about the year of accession, the foreign relations etc.For example, i is through coins that information about the Sultanate and Mughal period came to the focus.The coins of Muhammad-bin- Tughlaq has released information about his rule.

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As they say us some important dates of political events,gifts from the kings to the temples......
And the history about a lot of people through inscriptions (Biographies and Autobiographies)
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keep ging
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