Explain with diagram , the
structure of monocot and
dicot embryo.
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The structure of monocot and dicot embryo is given under

Monocot Embryo. 

Scutellum is thin cotyledon in monocots. It is very thin with high surface area, and serves to absorb nutrients from the endosperm during germination. Coleoptile is the protective sheath covering the emerging shoot in monocotyledons. Shoot apex  apical portion of the stem wheras Root apex is the apical portion of root. Coleorhiza is the protective sheath covering the emerging root. Epiblast is the immature parts of the embryo having flap like structure. It is the the remains of the second cotyledon in the monocot embryo. 




Plumule is the primary bud of a plant embryo usually situated at the apex of the hypocotyl and consisting of leaves and an epicotyl. The part of a plant embryo or seedling that lies between the radicle and the cotyledons is known as hypocotyl Upon germination, the hypocotyl pushes the cotyledons. Radicle is the part of plant that grows downward in soil to support cotyledons. Root cap protects roots while it grows in soil and prevents damage of it meristematic region. 


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